simple fruit

Hey everyone!

This is my newest (and first) music video for my first single from 18.93 Metres of my Fibre.

It was all filmed at Shoestring Studios in October by yours truly. Many thanks to J Stevens for letting me slice and dice his Wapsipinicon peach tomatoes!

Enjoy! And let me know what you think.


Gryphon D’or Tearoom October 7th @ 8 pm!


It’s going to be awesome – Clairely Now and J Stevens?  Quite the lineup!


See you there.




shaika tomorrow.

Hey everyone!

This one’s a quickie, but I want to tell you all about my show tomorrow night at Shaika in NDG.

See you then!

the NDG arts walk.

What’s that?

Oh! Now I can hear you!

Yesterday, J Stevens and I carted up our stuff and brought it all down to the NDG Arts Walk.

This was our table.

We had a special deal where each CD was $5, and some special Shoestring Studios Simple Fruit salsa, which I had made that morning.

We used organic Wapsipinicon peach tomatoes from the garden and organic parsley from our window box as well as organic Quebec field tomatoes, some purple, yellow, and green onions, jalapeno peppers and pineapple to make that delicious and sweet salsa for everyone to enjoy. Bonus? We had two jars left over for ourselves!

We promoted our next show as well: a Shoestring Showcase at Shaika Cafe this Thursday.

Hope to see you there!

radio waves & open mics.

Last night, J. Stevens and I went to a new open mic at Shaika.  Shaika is a cafe in Notre Dame de Grace.

That’s me!  I sang The Next Market Day, which was featured on CKUT 90.3 yesterday morning on the Tuesday Morning After Show. Geordie was also featured – it was super cool to hear my songs broadcast out so far to so many.

If you want to listen to my songs on the radio, check it out here.

red roses & stars.

Last night, I went to the Wheel Club.  I’m always super nervous when I’m about to play in front of a bunch of musicians; after all, musicians make the most informed kind of audience.

But it went incredibly well!  I had some Patsy Cline ready to sing, but a quick chat with the violinist revealed that he knew some songs that I recorded on From the Kitchen of Clairelynow.  I sang ‘Red is the Rose’ and ‘The Star of the County Down’, and I was super excited about how well it went over.  It’s a pretty big compliment when someone wants to trade their CD for yours (which happened) and someone gave me their 50/50 ticket so I went home with some Hank Snow as well.  I sold some other copies, and I went home feeling really pleased.

I really love singing, but I don’t really like learning songs that are absolute classics.  A good example of this is ‘Crazy’ by Patsy Cline.  She’s an incredible vocalist, and I love listening to that track, but I feel as though her rendition leaves nothing left to be desired.  What could I possibly add to that song?  Cline had an amazing voice, and an incredible sense of presence.  I have my own voice, and my own stage presence, but it’s not the same;  Cline owns ‘Crazy’ even more than its author, Willie Nelson.  ‘Three Cigarettes on the Ashtray’, for instance, is less iconic.  There’s more space for me to play.

I started singing those traditional songs because I realized (about five years ago) that if I wanted to hear those songs the way I thought they should be played.  Experiencing that amazingly positive feedback really supported my theory that musicians need to play music exactly how they hear in in their heads, and that spending time learning music you don’t want to is sort of an energy suck.

I wonder what I’ll play next week!  Oh, yay.

awesome, but odd!

long overdue.

Last night, J. Stevens and I went to the Yellow Door and sang some songs.  It was pretty cool.  There were lots of people who wanted to play, and all kinds of interests were represented.  The word, ‘smorgasbord’ comes to mind:  from my traditional folk, to J’s fantastic originals, to spontaneous jam sessions, we heard a lot and had a lot of fun.

Last Monday, we trekked down to The Wheel Club in our finest to give singing country a go.  I sang some Cash and Cline, and after I was done a woman came up to me, kissed my forehead, and told me that I sang the best cover of ‘Strange’ she’d heard in 20 years.  Apparently, it was hard to take a good picture because I kept making rockstar faces.  Playing with a bunch of other people does make you feel pretty cool though.

clairelynow & the folks at the wheel club

It was super fun, and I really enjoyed singing those songs.  I don’t know what I’ll try for next week, but a really nice man named Bob gave me a CD that I need to listen to.  I’m hoping for inspiration!

j. stevens taking the stage

I also love the sign that says, “Bless This Mess”.  It’s not messy.  There’s a lot of stuff, but its not particularly messy, although the beer is incredibly reasonably priced.

In other news, I’ve rerecorded and remastered my first album, From the Kitchen of Clairelynow with a heck of a lot of help from J. Stevens.  He’s taught me a lot and did an amazing job cutting these songs for me.  He also made those Shoestring handcards.  I’m tucking them in my album sleeves.

I’m loving the look of the new album top as well.  I’m so excited about this new release that I’m putting Red is the Rose from the album on the Music. page on this website.